About us


Melissa Hartigan

Owner/Lead Designer

My name is Melissa Hartigan and I have been a lover of Interior Design since I was a young girl. My Mother would often come home from work to find one of her rooms "redesigned" by a 10 year old. She didn't always see my vision but today she no longer questions my enthusiasm for design.


My design experience ranges from formal education to life experience. The latter being my true educator. In the last 10 years I have traveled and lived all over North America as well as Europe and Russia. When you are in countries that you do not speak the language you become very resourceful and creative when designing a space.

The architecture and design in these countries varied greatly but all had features that I loved. The designs ranged from Modern in Riga, Latvia to Old World Luxury in Rome, Italy. Throughout my travels I took all the design elements they had to offer and found ways to incorporate them into modern day design. The mixture of these elements can produce the most beautiful spaces!


I pride myself on designing practical spaces with a taste of luxury. I want every home to have its signature style that reflects the individual that uses the space. I look forward to helping you live beautifully!

Team Member


Kayla Humphrey

Designer/project manager

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Kayla Humphrey prides herself on being a designer for the MHD team (when she’s not priding herself on being a coffee enthusiast)! Originally hailing from Fort McMurray, Kayla pursued her love of interior design by moving to Calgary in 2014 and graduating with a Bachelors of Interior Design from Mount Royal University in 2017. After helping re-build her hometown following the 2016 wildfires, Kayla committed herself to designing in Fort McMurray permanently! Having dabbled in various aspects of design including new home development, commercial design, furniture design and graphic design throughout the province, all elements of her designs read as thoughtful and intentional. Her focus on the client experience and trade connections has allowed Kayla to create impactful and lasting relationships throughout her years of designing. It was ultimately her devotion to Fort McMurray and the clients that led her to the Melissa Hartigan Design team, a group of ladies with a similar vision on the design experience (and gorgeous aesthetics)! Working with such an inspiring and innovative team of individuals has driven Kayla to be more detail oriented and to keep asking the difficult questions, with the prospect of helping Melissa Hartigan Design become the #1 design team in YMM. It is her intention to continue living and working in the Fort McMurray region until, a hopefully early, retirement. But until then, you can find Kayla repurposing furniture or loving her beautiful hedgehog babies, with a coffee in hand!

Originally from Montreal Quebec, Natalie decided to pursue her dream as an interior designer in Fort Mcmurray closer to her mother. Natalie became an interior designer in 2017 after graduating from college in Montreal. It wasn't an easy decision for her to move from a big city to a small town like Fort Mcmurray but luckily, she had the opportunity to live out her passion with Melissa Hartigan Design.  


Designer/CADD specialist