Walking through the process: A year in the life of Melissa Hartigan Design


Happy Wednesday and welcome to our blog.

Since we are new to this we figured we'd fill you in on what we have been working on as it has been a busy year here at Melissa Hartigan Design, and there has been a lot of learning and growing happening.

Being in Fort McMurray, a big part of our work has been with the rebuilding of homes after the fire of 2016.

In the past year we have been averaging roughly 5 rebuilds a month and we are proud to announce that we are approaching the 70th rebuild mark.

When homeowners come to us initially they are over whelmed, unsure of the process and what it will entail. However by the end of the appointment they leave feeling confident and excited about their new home and all it will be. We always want to be sure that we are designing their home to the best of our ability and feel proud of what we have designed for the homeowner. We love being a part of the whole journey from that first meeting to the day they take possession, there is no better reward than seeing a project come to completion and the smiles on our clients faces!

During the process we help our clients sort through all of their ideas for their new home and figure out which ones will work best for them and their space.

Many are usually shocked by how detailed we get during the selections process and that they get to select everything right down to their corner style and hinges. We have had a couple opportunities to design the home without much input and it has been an amazing surprise at possession, we may have been a little stressed out about how it would be received but it was nothing but shear joy. Thank goodness!

Working with so many individuals with varying design aesthetics and ideas has helped us grow immensely. We have learned a lot about all the moving parts of a rebuild, which in turn has taught us to always be on our toes as things can change in an instant. We have been able to guide them through the process to help them understand how it works so they feel connected to the project and to their home.

Without a doubt we can say that working with all of these amazing people to design their homes after such a devastating event has been a truly wonderful and humbling experience. As we enter this new year and we near our 70th rebuild we hope to keep the ball rolling helping more people with their rebuild process as well as any renovations that come our way.

The best days for us after all will always be when the client leaves us with a smile on their face, happy with the process we have just walked them through and content that they have made the right decisions for their new home!

Hope you enjoyed our first post and have a great day everyone!

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