1- Consultation 

We meet with you in your home for a collaborative client and designer  interview. In so doing, we are mutually discovering if the project is the right fit for each other. We discuss details such as your goals for the space, your design aesthetic, how you will be using the space, what inspires you, your time-frame for completion, and your budget. We try to hit the ground running and give you some design input that is unique to your space. This consultation is a fee of $350.00 + GST and is paid at the meeting via cheque made out to Melissa Hartigan Design, E-Transferred to, or credit card (comes with a 4% service fee).

4- Design Planning 

After the scope is determined and fees have been approved, we begin the process of designing! This step generally takes 6-8 weeks depending on the scope of work to be completed. It is our responsibility to our clients to be sure that our products are meeting your spatial needs, align with your aesthetic, and fall within your budget. Although you may not see us during this phase of the design, we will always try to update you with our progress and keep all lines of communication open to you.

7- Contractor receives design plan

Once the design plan has been finalized it will go to the trades that will be performing the work in order to obtain the cost of their products and services. From this phase we will be able to determine the budget cost of the renovation or structural build. Melissa Hartigan Design provides qualified and insured subcontractors who specialize in renovation and design work, as well as conforms to the highest industry standards and practices. We are pleased to work with a client’s own sub trades however, MHD will not be responsible for the quality of work performed or the timing of work. In the event project delays occur due to client’s sub trade, costs may be incurred.

2- Site Measure & Photos

3- Scope of work. Estimated design fees & Payment Schedule

This meeting will focus on gathering measurements of the relevant spaces and clarifying the scope of the project. We will need you to provide all relevant information on your home like architectural drawings, site and project information and the contact information for all other parties that will be working on your project.

We outline the scope of work for the design portion of the project, our design intent and goals and the estimated design fee. The scope of work will determine whether the payment schedule is on an hourly, or installment bases. The Design Proposal is approved, and Letter of Agreement signed to signal the start of the project. Please note that the Design Proposal is not the same as the design plan or design presentation. Design Proposal needs to be approved and first payment received before we begin your design plan and presentation.

5- Design concept presentation & approval

This is where we inspire you with our preliminary design concept for your space. This includes basic drawings, color scheme, mood board, large furniture selections and budget estimates including projected costs for furniture, textiles, and decor. In many cases where the project scope is much smaller, for example - a one room decorating project, more detailed concepts are presented. At this point all of the major design decisions are made and we determine whether or not the next stage is required. All finalized selections require full payment prior to procurement and are final sale. 

6- Trade on site meeting

We want to be sure that our designs are not only functional and beautiful, but that they are conceivable. Therefore we want to meet all of the trades on site to be sure that everyone is understanding our vision for the design. At this time we are explaining the details to the trades, getting their feedback, and making adjustments as necessary. Any changes that need to be made will be brought to the attention of the clients for approval.

8- Structural build or renovation

9- Purchase & procurement

If your project consists of structural build or renovation, this is when your design begins to come into form. Expect a lot of activity as everyone plays his or her part in the build. We work closely with all  parties to make sure the construction is well coordinated, and the outcome is as we intend it to be.

Once we receive your signed proposals and deposits, we initiate orders. We take care of all the details. We coordinate with the necessary parties regarding what goods are to be purchased by the architect or contractor and which are to be handled by our firm. For all merchandise to be handled by our firm, we will act as the purchasing agent on your behalf.  We will prepare all specifications and purchase orders. We will communicate with all vendors regarding specifications, ordering, quality inspections and coordination.  We will keep you informed of any important development as the purchasing process is carried out. We will also hold on to your orders until the final installation.

10- Project management

11- Hard & soft goods installment 

12- Styling & final reveal

Melissa Hartigan Design will act as project manager of the design elements as required by the contractor. It is the responsibility of the designer to confirm our design plan is being executed properly, but it is the responsibility of the general contractor to ensure the quality and the schedule of work.

13- Photography

During this phase, your vision begins to come to life. Flooring, wallcovering, paint colors, appliances, woodwork, tile and surfaces are all put in their place.  We will visit the project periodically to observe and to become familiar with the progress and quality of work as it relates to the interior design concept. While your hard goods were being installed, we were receiving all of your furniture and soft goods. Everything has been inspected and is as it should be or has been returned for replacement. When all of the hard goods are completed and the space is ready, we will schedule the installation of soft goods and furniture. We coordinate all aspects of the final installation, once installation begins, we try to be as efficient as possible to complete the install in 1 to 2 days.

This is the best part of a project. We will shop the town with a styling budget provided by the clients (we recommend 20-30% of your project budget). The styling items include but are not limited to figurines, candles, flowers, vases, coffee table and accent table accessories, etc. Now your space and vision have come to life and we will walk through the final transformation. Once you have had a chance to take it all in and enjoy your new space for a few days, we will do a final walkthrough with you. We will create a punch list of any small items that need to be taken care of.

14- High fives & bragging rights

This is the step when items are installed and styled for a beautiful and inspiring finish. Professional photography is typically done the same day as the reveal. We do appreciate the time alone to set up your space so we can tweak, adjust and make just right before you see it in its final form. We will share some photographs with you, however if you chose to share these photos with others please credit our photographer and Melissa Hartigan Design

This is the finale and BEST part! This is where we high five each other and stand back to admire your new space! Melissa Hartigan Design will attend to any loose ends right away and leave you to enjoy your beautiful home with your family and friends for many years to come!